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I like the rain. I want to have a spring bookworming rain party full out with wellies—but not those Hunter Boots; absolutely not—, with yummy airy things like puffed pastries, meringues, mini fluffy cheese cakes, mousse dessert, macaroon, biscuits, crepe, and Earl Grey tea, definitely Earl Grey tea.  and Tillandsia. We'd have lots of "air plants". Lots! And We'd read, but not anything structured. We'd bring books, trade books, read out-loud, pass books around between sentences and paragraphs. We'd leave with books we hadn't discovered.


I like books like I like my Jazz; euphoric, dangerous, occasionally a bit manic, sorrowful, bleak, raging, mood-incongruent, mournful, unforgivingly ragged, symbolic in a quiet way, warm apple pie for the soul. Give me a Plath style. Yōko Ogawa, M. Roach,

Criteria: Not rated on likability of characters. Not objective. I like Moxie Soda; chances are you don't.

time spent in that before bed reading slot:

5-until blurry eye 4-Later than I intended, but I still kept to my extended, extended reading time 3-I really should have been to bed an hour ago  2-customary 30 minutes. 1-book. side table. eyes closed.

How are common themes handled?

5-With an aesthetic that repurposes everyday themes into something fresh. Think of Hole Celebrity Skin covered by Cat Power  4-there is a comfortable air of familiarly.
3-Deja Vu 2. No deviation from its mates  1. Devastatingly trite, redundant, and stale.

Where would you keep it post-reading?

5-Next to my bed.  4-it's the center piece of my favorite bookshelf 3. On my other favorite bookshelf, but it's a bit dusty over their 2-Great cheap bookends 1-It never made it out of the box marked 'moving'.

Emotional response-

5- Where is my teddy bear? Emotional-hangover 4- If I wasn't so emotionally stunted I'd cry.
3. Did James Cameron co-wrote this? Artfully contrived. 
2- calculative emotional manipulation. This was literally written by James Cameron.1- I…feel…..nothing.

Mechanics (plot structure, voice, presentation, word choice, sentence structure, characters, writing style, pacing, and consistency):

5-Chanel 4-Prada 3-J-Crew 2-Gap 1-Old Navy

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The Complete Stories
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Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls
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drinks up

The Essential Bar Book: An A-to-Z Guide to Spirits, Cocktails, and Wine, with 115 Recipes for the World's Great Drinks - Jennifer Fiedler

An essential books on drinking and impressing people at parties..... or just being that annoying jeopardy guy who is spilling his martini while screaming out "Who is Jerry Thomas".

From ingredient, to preparations, to slamming down arguments over what to serve in what glass (though I may need a first-hand test on a few of these) this little ebook will serve MOST of your needs.

So.... lets try this out.

A takes you to Absinthe....

the history... the flavors... all assortments of things you need and absolutely must have to take advantage of Absinthe..... and then my favorite, and yours too, the recipes.

The best part of this reference book is that it is all encompassing. Ingredients are explored extensively, justifying their particular necessity. These explanations also serve to help you fully take advantage of your home bar without spending a bundle. You now know exactly what is essential, and what will enhance your drinking experience.

BEST of all, stop looking like an idiot ordering a drink you heard off of Queer Eye for the straight Guy and then stumbling and looking down at your bar napkin when the bartender asks you what kind of scotch you want, or what age you prefer, etc. This book includes an extensive, over the top exploration on all things technical, including an overview of bar vocabulary. You will still look like a fool if you saw that episode of Family Guy where Brian orders a Stinger and a beer-back.... every.single.time.

Speaking of terminology.... It serves all purposes.

This book is first date pickup galore.... you: "look at those legs".... her: "HOW DARE YOU!!" you: "oh no no.. I meant the drip on the inside of your wine... I'm Ryan by the way"

Please note, the ARC on netgalley is an absolute disaster. You have to go through it, slowly because chapter selection is not activated, to really see what this baby has in it. For instance, I went to the table of contents. Looked up Whiskey. Struggled to find it in the ARC, and discovered that "Irish Whiskey" and "whiskey" contained ample information, but were separated by j-v. The downside to this is you have to go back and forth to get a full picture of the liquor in question, an issue, presumably that a hard copy will resolve. It also varied on the types of liquor I frequent, for example Powers.

There seems to be a large focus on beers here, too. This is all fine and good, but generally speaking the information pertaining to beer is rather pedestrian, and will be included on any typical bar menu. I'd rather see it focus extensively on liquors, but I guess it's a bar book.

A-Z drinking handbooks are a dime a dozen and I'll really have to hold this fellow before I can make an absolute judgement call. My Boston Handbook has served me well so the competition will be a battle.