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I like the rain. I want to have a spring bookworming rain party full out with wellies—but not those Hunter Boots; absolutely not—, with yummy airy things like puffed pastries, meringues, mini fluffy cheese cakes, mousse dessert, macaroon, biscuits, crepe, and Earl Grey tea, definitely Earl Grey tea.  and Tillandsia. We'd have lots of "air plants". Lots! And We'd read, but not anything structured. We'd bring books, trade books, read out-loud, pass books around between sentences and paragraphs. We'd leave with books we hadn't discovered.


I like books like I like my Jazz; euphoric, dangerous, occasionally a bit manic, sorrowful, bleak, raging, mood-incongruent, mournful, unforgivingly ragged, symbolic in a quiet way, warm apple pie for the soul. Give me a Plath style. Yōko Ogawa, M. Roach,

Criteria: Not rated on likability of characters. Not objective. I like Moxie Soda; chances are you don't.

time spent in that before bed reading slot:

5-until blurry eye 4-Later than I intended, but I still kept to my extended, extended reading time 3-I really should have been to bed an hour ago  2-customary 30 minutes. 1-book. side table. eyes closed.

How are common themes handled?

5-With an aesthetic that repurposes everyday themes into something fresh. Think of Hole Celebrity Skin covered by Cat Power  4-there is a comfortable air of familiarly.
3-Deja Vu 2. No deviation from its mates  1. Devastatingly trite, redundant, and stale.

Where would you keep it post-reading?

5-Next to my bed.  4-it's the center piece of my favorite bookshelf 3. On my other favorite bookshelf, but it's a bit dusty over their 2-Great cheap bookends 1-It never made it out of the box marked 'moving'.

Emotional response-

5- Where is my teddy bear? Emotional-hangover 4- If I wasn't so emotionally stunted I'd cry.
3. Did James Cameron co-wrote this? Artfully contrived. 
2- calculative emotional manipulation. This was literally written by James Cameron.1- I…feel…..nothing.

Mechanics (plot structure, voice, presentation, word choice, sentence structure, characters, writing style, pacing, and consistency):

5-Chanel 4-Prada 3-J-Crew 2-Gap 1-Old Navy

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The Complete Stories
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almost erotic gay coming of age.

Superhero - Eli Easton
“From that day on, Owen was my best friend—jelly to my peanut butter, fellow pea in my pod, Sam to my Frodo. And I was his.”

When a gay themed novel hits it, it hits it hard. We’ve all read this formulaic plot. Boy, artsy, sort of an outcast, with a limited social network, is best friends with a jock, a jock that slowly shoots up to the social stratosphere because he is such a feisty beef stud. And he wants every inch of his jock friend, but the jock is straight. Stop here. This is where this novel differentiates from the pack.

The story is told through two interlaced perspectives. The first is Jordan, or Jordy, the dorky one listed above, and the second Owen, the muscle ripped jock. However, it is told mostly through the lens of how Jordan sees and experiences things. The tell tail indications of a first person novel, too much introspective and the much too common angsty teenage whines, are mitigated with the author’s smart, selective and precision use of Owen’s views of the same event. We don’t hear a lot from him, but what we hear is important, and tells a narrative of a kid discovering an authentic self. And it’s smart stuff. Even though with Jordan dominating the novel, his portions also contributed to a fuller, more comprehensive view of Owen. They were both bright and flourishing things, and I fucking adored them equally. I really got a sense of them as different people, and the author sidelined all those trite common tropes, and made these two unique. She also made their experiences unique. She also didn't avoid the horniness that is at the center of a teens life. like.at.all.

Because this slipped through the gillnetting of typical gay clichés and redundant plot elements, I would be remiss to give much away. Suffice to say it takes the love struck gay kid, and his caring, compassionate and emotionally stable straight best friend, whom of course he has a crush on, because unrequited love is such unique shit, and spins it, just enough to be a bit original. It felt a lot like a short version of Boyhood, the movie that is, transporting the reader through childhood to late adolescence. It has elements of bullying, jealousy, straight relationships, sports, machismo, the smallest reference to drinking, and sex. Pages and pages of sex. Erotic, detailed, lustful sex. Seriously, a blow job lasted a solid two or more pages. The skill level of depicting a child and teenager’s POV was almost flawless, with the exception of the references of childhood seeming to be sometimes influenced by an older person’s lens.