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I like the rain. I want to have a spring bookworming rain party full out with wellies—but not those Hunter Boots; absolutely not—, with yummy airy things like puffed pastries, meringues, mini fluffy cheese cakes, mousse dessert, macaroon, biscuits, crepe, and Earl Grey tea, definitely Earl Grey tea.  and Tillandsia. We'd have lots of "air plants". Lots! And We'd read, but not anything structured. We'd bring books, trade books, read out-loud, pass books around between sentences and paragraphs. We'd leave with books we hadn't discovered.


I like books like I like my Jazz; euphoric, dangerous, occasionally a bit manic, sorrowful, bleak, raging, mood-incongruent, mournful, unforgivingly ragged, symbolic in a quiet way, warm apple pie for the soul. Give me a Plath style. Yōko Ogawa, M. Roach,

Criteria: Not rated on likability of characters. Not objective. I like Moxie Soda; chances are you don't.

time spent in that before bed reading slot:

5-until blurry eye 4-Later than I intended, but I still kept to my extended, extended reading time 3-I really should have been to bed an hour ago  2-customary 30 minutes. 1-book. side table. eyes closed.

How are common themes handled?

5-With an aesthetic that repurposes everyday themes into something fresh. Think of Hole Celebrity Skin covered by Cat Power  4-there is a comfortable air of familiarly.
3-Deja Vu 2. No deviation from its mates  1. Devastatingly trite, redundant, and stale.

Where would you keep it post-reading?

5-Next to my bed.  4-it's the center piece of my favorite bookshelf 3. On my other favorite bookshelf, but it's a bit dusty over their 2-Great cheap bookends 1-It never made it out of the box marked 'moving'.

Emotional response-

5- Where is my teddy bear? Emotional-hangover 4- If I wasn't so emotionally stunted I'd cry.
3. Did James Cameron co-wrote this? Artfully contrived. 
2- calculative emotional manipulation. This was literally written by James Cameron.1- I…feel…..nothing.

Mechanics (plot structure, voice, presentation, word choice, sentence structure, characters, writing style, pacing, and consistency):

5-Chanel 4-Prada 3-J-Crew 2-Gap 1-Old Navy

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The Complete Stories
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I am No One You Know
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Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls
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The Land of Decoration: A Novel - Grace McCleen I really wanted to LOVE this book. It has all the markings and reviews that lead me to believe this would be another ROOM; one of my favorite books, at least in the last five years. Ultimately, I just liked this book. It swayed back and forth between a three and a two, and given the ending (no spoiler here) it fell flat on two, almost crushing it with its weight. Issues with writing and execution: the two main characters both lacked depth. Issues with general construction, and sequencing abound, having a deleterious effect on the clear, accurate, and succinct writing style. word choice was meticulously executed, but the broader ideas were configured and organized So what did i enjoy? It was simply written, and the imagery was completed with master strokes. The word choice was both accurate to the pose, as well as having a lasting effect on the reader. Some of the sentences demand a second, third, fourth reading. The crisis situations, and there are many, are well organized and explored in an almost poetic and unforgiving manner. We all know the themes at this point. girl's life is chaotic. girl embraces her religion. girl is challenged by actions, and her prior perception, that religion was all together good is challenged.... enter domino effect. girls actions challenge the community, alter the fabric of both her fathers and her schools existence. at the end lessons are learned, but the reader is left feeling a tad confused, if not irritated with how quickly things resolved and without much depth to really understand the fundamental themes that culminated on the last few pages. (slight spoiler coming up) Alas we end with instructions on how to create an object (balloon), not for the land of decorations, but in real life. its symbolism is faint and lost on the reader who is already confused/angry/etc with the ending of the book. I get it. I really do. The balloon was a central theme throughout the novel, but the greater importance of this object was lost on me.in the end this is a decent project for an author beginning her career, she just needs to pay attention to focusing her themes and objectives, character development (in more terms of realism, palpable human qualities), and the role of climax in a book.I just sorta liked you. Didn't feel a need to cuddle you at night. This is why, in retrospect you got upped from a two to a three. Don't get all egoed up on me now....