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I like the rain. I want to have a spring bookworming rain party full out with wellies—but not those Hunter Boots; absolutely not—, with yummy airy things like puffed pastries, meringues, mini fluffy cheese cakes, mousse dessert, macaroon, biscuits, crepe, and Earl Grey tea, definitely Earl Grey tea.  and Tillandsia. We'd have lots of "air plants". Lots! And We'd read, but not anything structured. We'd bring books, trade books, read out-loud, pass books around between sentences and paragraphs. We'd leave with books we hadn't discovered.


I like books like I like my Jazz; euphoric, dangerous, occasionally a bit manic, sorrowful, bleak, raging, mood-incongruent, mournful, unforgivingly ragged, symbolic in a quiet way, warm apple pie for the soul. Give me a Plath style. Yōko Ogawa, M. Roach,

Criteria: Not rated on likability of characters. Not objective. I like Moxie Soda; chances are you don't.

time spent in that before bed reading slot:

5-until blurry eye 4-Later than I intended, but I still kept to my extended, extended reading time 3-I really should have been to bed an hour ago  2-customary 30 minutes. 1-book. side table. eyes closed.

How are common themes handled?

5-With an aesthetic that repurposes everyday themes into something fresh. Think of Hole Celebrity Skin covered by Cat Power  4-there is a comfortable air of familiarly.
3-Deja Vu 2. No deviation from its mates  1. Devastatingly trite, redundant, and stale.

Where would you keep it post-reading?

5-Next to my bed.  4-it's the center piece of my favorite bookshelf 3. On my other favorite bookshelf, but it's a bit dusty over their 2-Great cheap bookends 1-It never made it out of the box marked 'moving'.

Emotional response-

5- Where is my teddy bear? Emotional-hangover 4- If I wasn't so emotionally stunted I'd cry.
3. Did James Cameron co-wrote this? Artfully contrived. 
2- calculative emotional manipulation. This was literally written by James Cameron.1- I…feel…..nothing.

Mechanics (plot structure, voice, presentation, word choice, sentence structure, characters, writing style, pacing, and consistency):

5-Chanel 4-Prada 3-J-Crew 2-Gap 1-Old Navy

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The Complete Stories
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I am No One You Know
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Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls
Alissa Nutting, Alissa Nutting
The Hunger Gays - Nathan Alexander


complete waste of time. Devoid of a significant plot, and achieving such a pathetic and irrelevant finish that it is absolutely noteworthy....A serious disappointment (not personally I won't even give it this much credit; but in general) even using the standards of playgirl magazine as a foundation for this genre. There is literally nothing to redeem this book, absolutely NOTHING.

Crap total crap. This is a below-playgirl-story with overt contrived overtone of politics, religion and social issues. Lots and lots of sex.... Relentlessly boring and trite with no substance or objective beyond shocking readers.... Or arousing them.... Nothing in this is arousing, so fail there. Is this political and social satire? No, but it may be a poorly executed attempt to comment on social injustice, however considering the manner in which it was written, coupled with its content it does the complete opposite. To a large extent this confirms, or at the very least reinforces gay stereotypes of an over sexualized culture.

Read Hunger Games? Well this is a porn mag version of that book. Take out Katniss and put in horny men... A lot of them, rape, Dominance and submission, and a bit of incestuousness. This isn't even a good offshoot of the Hunger Games. Strip away the porn aspect and this would still give you the raging disappointment of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. But, oh it did well with taking specific plot lines from the 1st book, leading to almost plagiarism levels; or at least in my opinion.

It is absolutely amazing that this book was published.

Movie comparison: I Spit on Your Grave (2010) meets and dates Zack and Miri Make a Porno if Zack and Miri Make a Porno was a dirty perverse drunk with a lot of childhood baggage and anti-social personality disorder.